[The soft light, dangerous, the light as in a dream, the light alive, dead, clear, hazy, fiery, violent, naked, sudden, dark, spring, the direct light, oblique, sensual, compelling, limiting, poisonous, soothing, serene. The light.] Ingmar Bergman

I’m Sarai, a cinematographer based in Barcelona. I specialized in Media and Film Studies and have experience working in various fields of the communication industry. My first passion is making images, both fixed and moving. For this reason I studied Direction of Photography in Bande à Part Film School. Without putting aside filming, I then studied a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Cinema at Pompeu Fabra University.

In the last years, I have worked as a freelance for different production companies, focusing on the camera department and direction of photography. In each project I bring dedication and love for what I do because I think that the most fascinating way to see the world is through a camera.

+34 661397031